Sunday, February 8, 2009

ONE baby is one! She still can not walk yet, so being one really has not sunk in yet. The doctor told us that being big is a disadvantage for babies trying to walk. Poor kid, she is in the 90th percentile for EVERYTHING! Anyway, we had her party today, and I thought I would post some pics. Enjoy :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

And so it begins...

yes, we are "balling" again. This time around it is basketball. The kids had an awesome day. Abigail's team won big, but Elijah's team--now that is a different story. It seams that Elijah gets "drafted" to the not so good teams, and Abigail gets drafted to the awesome teams. Just seems a little unfair at times. Anyway, Abigail had to sit out a lot of the game because she scored all her possible points in the first few minutes of the game. That sounds really awesome--and she was--but the plays were sort of "designed" to help her accomplish this. Another girl on her team scored her possible points also and had to sit out. Elijah's team had to play their first game to the hardest team in the league. However, they played their hearts out and only lost by 8 pts. They should have been I was very proud of their accomplishments. It was great. Here are a few pics to enjoy:

Yes, I did finally learn how to french braid abigail's hair. This was my first time to finally get it! yeah!!!!:)

here are a few of elijah:

This last one is just comical. I did not mean to take this shot..but here ya go:

one side note...elijah's class has been dicussing groundhog day. We were driving home the other night and elijah says "momma, if the groundhog sees his shadow then we will have 16 days of christmas, if not then we will not have any extra days of christmas." We just laughed, poor kid, I think he is a little confused. haha.