Saturday, March 14, 2009

We are the champions....AGAIN

Ok, so Abigail seems to get lucky when it comes to getting on good teams! This year was her first year in basketball. Her team went undefeated! woo hoo! However, she spent most of the time on the bench! That sounds really bad, but you have to understand that the rules of this league state that once you get ahead by 10 points you have to sit out your lead scorer (sp?). Guess who that was? ABIGAIL!!! Before you think "oh my....she must be really good," understand that the play was set up to make her score the most points. Her height plays a small factor in that decision. Have you ever seen her daddy??? :) So anyway, the whole team was awesome, and everyone played really hard!!! congrats to the champions.

We also celebrated mardi gras last month. We went to a parade and one of abigail's best friends came with us! The kids had a blast, not to mention having our family in town to celebrate with us. we had a great time.

Friday, March 6, 2009

free dress day...

Yes, this day deserves a post. Abigail and Elijah are FORCED to wear uniforms at their school, but one day a year they get to wear REAL clothes. hahaha. This day is known as "spring picture day." We could care less about the actual pictures..but I thought I would snap a pic of them wearing their REGULAR clothes. hahaha. They get sooooo excited about being able to do it. Plus, it gives me a reason to post a pic of them. enjoy!