Monday, May 11, 2009


I really do not think i can take much more. We have been going non-stop for weeks now. I am not really complaining just letting you know where I am coming from. This past week was no exception. Thursday night Abigail had a game at one ball park while Elijah had a tournament at another ball park. Abigail scored 3 homeruns during that game. She was killing the ball that day! It was awesome. Elijah's team won their game which meant that we were going to have to play at least two games on saturday. Friday night Abigail had a game and scored 1 homerun and 1 double. Saturday we had to be at the ball field at 8:30am and did not leave until 4 pm.Those t-ballers played 4 games. It was 90 plus degrees and very humid. They were wiped. We had two graduation parties to attend inbetween all of this, not counting mothers day on sunday. The kids got to take some time off on Sunday and swim at a friends house. They are so tired, and poor isabella has kept right up there with them. She was too cute! They all look like they have been at the beach for a week. All except me, I am still so white. :) oh well. summer is just days away for us!! can not wait.