Monday, April 20, 2009


We had a fabulous time at the Audobon Zoo in New Orleans on Saturday. This was Isabella's first time to go. She would "oohhh" and "ahhhh" over all of the animals. Abigail and Elijah really like going. They even got to pet some snakes. The best show at the zoo is the sea lion exhibit. We got to meet a sea lion named lillie. She was so adorable. enjoy the pics.

kids petting the snake. just in case you were wondering...i was not THAT close. love the zoom feature on cameras. creepy!

The sea lions were amazing!

The Primates were lounging around

my little cutie pie

I could have sworn he was posing for us:

Notice the white alligator behind her?

Kids having fun:

we had a great day!


RichFam said...

We love going to the zoo, too. It is the best annual membership we've ever gotten! We always have something free and educational to do with the kids. Of course, when they want to go every single weekend... it can tend to wear on us a bit. Ha ha.

Love the pics. And I dont blame you a bit when it came to the snake!
Did I see Isabella walking in that picture??? How great! :o)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

How fun! Looks like a fun day! That's a fun zoo!!

Anonymous said...

I just love the picture of the family I was looking at the beutiful glow you all have I can see this family has Jesus
Love you all
Such a loving family and beutiful picture