Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Ok, i have posted quite a bit on abigail so this post is all about Elijah. The other day we received report cards for the end of the year on the kids. Eljah's came with an extra surprise. The teacher included his last story he wrote for first grade. I will type it just exactly the way he wrote it.

My dad and mom fell in mud.
My mom and dad got up and said
son you are grounded for 16 hours.
I snuck out. They never noticed fifteen hours later thay camein
and notced I got in trouble.

At the end of the story he drew a picture of a little boy crying, and a dad with a bubble coming out of his mouth with the word grounded inside. I laughed so hard I cried. He has a huge imagination. maybe one day he will be a writer.


RichFam said...

Or he could end up becoming a defense attorney... you know, with him being able to come up with such far-fetched stories and all... Ha ha.

Very cute! :o)

Bronie said...

hahahaha i love it!